Fieldwork Experiences

Fieldwork experiences are required by the ACOTE as a part of the academic education and training process to become an occupational therapist. Fieldwork in the occupational therapy program consists of two phases:

  1. Fieldwork Level I is scheduled at the completion of the first semester of occupational therapy school. Level one fieldwork experience can be performed in many different occupational therapy settings, and generally allows the students “real world” experiences under the direction of a licensed occupational therapist. Per ACOTE guidelines, the Level 1 Fieldwork experience is a reflection of the semester teachings and may be completed in a variety of settings including traditional settings as well as emerging practice and community based areas.
  2. Level two experiences generally consist of two 12-week assignments at various occupational therapy settings under the direct supervision of an occupational therapist. The fieldwork educator must be a practicing occupational therapist with at least one year of clinical experience and follow AOTA guidelines for meeting particular milestones to pass the level two fieldwork experiences.
Maker Lab Spotlight

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