Course Requirements

BMFT 611: Medical Family Therapy Practicum (3) This course consists of supervised practice in medical family therapy with special emphasis on clinical practice in collaborative healthcare systems. Practicum sites and supervisors must meet program requirements and be approved by the MedFT Program Director.

BMFT 670: Introduction to Medical Family Therapy (3) This course consists of an introduction to the field of medical family therapy including a review of its history of development, current practice and research, an overview of medical terminology, and social trends and public policy that impact the practice of medical family therapy.

BMFT 671: Theory & Practice of Medical Family Therapy (3) This course builds on the foundation of MFT theories and explores the theoretical foundations of Medical Family Therapy and collaborative healthcare. Models of Medical Family Therapy are presented, and students are expected to demonstrate conceptual understanding of each. Emphasis is on an understanding of the biopsychosocial-spiritual model.

BMFT 675: Interventions in Medical Family Therapy (3) This course will focus on specific interventions utilized in the practice of medical family therapy including those that emphasize the mind-body-spirit connection. Emphasis will be given to establishing successful collaborative working relationships with others in the treatment system, including doctors, nurses, social workers, and psychiatrists.

BMFT 673: Illness, Disability, Death, and Dying across the Lifespan (3) This course examines the impact of illness, disability, death, and dying across the lifespan and includes consideration of human development and family life cycle transitions. Psychosocial typologies of illness will be given special consideration with a special focus on onset, course, and outcome and the impact of incapacitation and uncertainty on family functioning.

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