Principal Leadership

Students successfully completing this emphasis track may be eligible to become a candidate for principal certification in Texas and other states. Students are strongly encouraged to contact the appropriate state department of education for more information.

Course Requirements (Degree Plan 30 hours):

Core (18 hours)

  • EDUC 683 Implementing Continuous Improvement
  • EDUC 684 Meeting the Learning Challenge
  • EDUC 686 Reframing Learning
  • EDUC 687 Managing Data to Improve Student Learning
  • EDUC 688 Creating an Effective Learning Environment
  • EDUC 660 or 661 Practicum/Capstone (660 is required for students seeking the principal certification. All other degree plans will require 661.)

Principal Leadership (12 hours)

  • EDUC 621 Overcoming Learning Barriers
  • EDUC 680 Allocating Resources and Structuring the School for Learning
  • EDUC 681 Nurturing School Culture to Create a Learning Community
  • EDUC 682 School Law & Ethics and the Learning Community

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Application Deadline:
 Summer 1 2014
  • April 18, 2014

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