Conflict Resolution Track

The Conflict Resolution concentration is designed to prepare educators in the use of conflict resolution in their field. Advanced opportunities to analyze case studies, critique basic assumption of conflict theories and role-play appropriate behavior in conflict scenarios are used. The identifying and dealing with conflict through appropriate strategies, processes and interpersonal skills is explored. A comprehensive study of the conceptual and interpersonal skills required to engage in effective negotiation and mediation is also examined.

Course Requirements (Degree Plan 30 hours):

Core (15 hours)

  • EDUC 683 Implementing Continuous Improvement
  • EDUC 684 Learning Challenge
  • EDUC 686 Reframing Learning
  • EDUC 687 Managing Data
  • EDUC 688 Learning Environment

Conflict Resolution (15 hours)

  • CONR 601 Conflict Theory and Communication
  • CONR 605 Negotiation and Mediation (6 hours)
  • CONR 615 Managing Conflict in the Schools
  • CONR 635 Identity, Culture, and Conflict

Students seeking the Certificate in Conflict Resolution must attend a one-week residency session.

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