Scholarships and Financial Information

Pricing and Billing of Degree:

  • The Teacher Education Department will award endowed scholarships for candidates in the program based on both merit and need. Contact the Teacher Education Department for information regarding these endowed scholarships.
  • The first six graduate level hours (of 36 total graduate credit hours in the program) that are taken in the spring of the fourth year will be included as part of the full-time undergraduate block tuition rate.
  • Beginning the summer of the fourth year, the remaining cost for the graduate degree will be calculated based on the per credit hourly rate for graduate tuition multiplied by the 30 credit hours needed to complete the program.
  • This cost of the remaining 30 credit hours of the program will be divided and billed in three equal installments. These installments will be billed to the student in the summer, fall and spring semesters.
  • Studets are expected to meet financial settlement for each semesters using the payment options (pay account balance by the financial settlement deadline, enroll in a Wildcat Pay Plan, have an approved loan) provided for all students.
  • Candidates will be able to maintain their ACU awarded academic merit scholarship (Deans, Barret, Stephens, Chancellors, or Presidential) through the fifth year. The annual amount of the scholarship will be divided in three equal parts to match the billing installments.
  • At the end of the spring semester of the fourth year, students are not eligible to receive need-based grants or other aid designated for undergraduate students from federal, state or institutional sources (i.e. Federal Pell Grant, ACU Grant).
  • Graduate students are eligible to receive Federal Direct and Federal Grad PLUS loans. The Federal Grad PLUS loan is available to credit-worthy graduate students for the difference between the annual cost of attendance at the graduate level minus all other financial aid/educational resources received.


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Application Deadline:
  • Nov. 20 of Junior Year

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