Degree Plan

First Year Total Hours: 30

Second Year Total Hours: 30

Program Total Hours: 60

Fall (12 hours)
BMFT 639Family Theory /General Systems Theory (3)
BMFT 610Couples Therapy (3)
BMFT 601Pre-Internship (3)
BMFT 641Family Therapy I (3)
Spring (12 hours)
BMFT 602Internship I (3)
BMFT 645Marital and Family Assessment (3)
BMFT 615Research Methods in Marriage and Family Therapy (3)
PSYC 682Advanced Psychopathology (3)
Summer (6 hours)  
BMFT 643Professional Ethics and the Law (3)
BMFT 665Family Therapy Across the Life Cycle (3)
Fall (12 hours)
BMFT 603Internship II (3)
BMFT 634Addictive Disorders (3)
BMFT 663Cultural Diversity in Marriage and Family Therapy (3)
BMFT 662Family Life Cycle (3)
Spring (12 hours)
BMFT 651Sex Therapy (3)
BMFT 661Family Therapy II (3)
BMFT 604Internship III (3)
Elective from related area (3) 
Summer (6 hours)
BMFT 605Internship IV (3)
BMFT/BIBM 696Theological Perspectives on Human Behavior (3)
* This degree plan is merely a sample of what your course schedule could look like. Note that there are times when some classes may be substituted for others, and your plan can vary from that above.
Application Deadline:
 Fall 2017
  • February 15, 2017

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