Enrollment Management Residency at Disney Institute

Enrollment Management students are required to attend a two-day residency at Disney Institute in Anaheim, California offered in May. 

On the first day of the residency session students will attend "Disney's Approach to Quality Service," a one-day course that focuses on building a culture of consistent, exceptional service in an organization. Through participating in this course, students will take away valuable information that can be applied to their campuses. 

On the second day, students will spend time as a group reflecting on the course, sharing perspectives, and discussing how to apply the principles learned at Disney Institute to their campuses. 

The two-day residency will allow Enrollment Management students the opportunity to gain a deeper understanding of building and maintaining connections with potential students, engaging with team members, and creating a service-driven atmosphere. Additionally, it will allow students to network with other professionals and build relationships with other schools. 

Fees for the residency will include a residency fee of $200, airfare, hotel, dining, & entertainment. 

Estimated expenses for the Enrollment Management Residency:

Hotel$140-350 per night
Total Estimated Expenses$800
Application Deadline:
Spring II 2015
  • Feb. 13, 2015

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