Creative Writing

This course of study is designed for anyone who loves literature and creative writing, and wants to refine his or her poetry, fiction, or creative nonfiction. By the end of the program students can expect their writing to reach a level that communicates powerfully and artfully.

To get there, we focus on the craft of writing through reading and analysis of some of the best writers in the world along with offering focused, one-on-one attention on students’ writing.

Our program is for those who want to:

  • Take their writing to a higher level and learn more about the life of a serious writer
  • Develop a writing sample to apply for an MFA degree granting program
  • Eventually pursue doctorates and bring creativity  to the classroom when they become teachers

What does a student do during the program?

  • Receives one-on-one guidance and critiques from experienced professors who have published high quality fiction, poetry, or creative nonfiction
  • Produces either a collection of short stories, book of poetry, memoir, novella or short novel as part of thesis requirement
  • Develops a heightened critical perspective on one’s own writing and that of others

What is our program not equipped to do?

  • Offer a large group workshop experience in a specific literary genre
  • Provide comprehensive, specialized training in popular fiction such as fantasy, science fiction, detective, mystery, romance, horror, or thriller
  • Lead to guaranteed publication
  • Find agents for students
  • Connect students directly to jobs in publishing

What kind of student is a good match for this program?

  • Has some formal, technical training in creative writing (college level)
  • Has already progressed beyond novice or beginner status
  • Interested in serious exploration of how Christian faith affects one’s creativity
Application Deadline:
Fall 2016
  • Aug. 12, 2016

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