Composition and Rhetoric

The Composition and Rhetoric track offers students advanced training in current pedagogical rhetorical theory, and is designed primarily for those interested in teaching composition. This track emphasizes student research, writing, and presentation. Students have the option of thesis or non-thesis plans.

ACU Catalog 

The following is a list of the required courses for the 36-hour MA in English, Composition and Rhetoric track:

          1. Core, 9 hours:
              ENGL 600 Guided Study in Intensive Research
              ENGL 613 Literary Theory and Faith
              ENGL 652 Rhetorical Theory and Praxis   

          2. Composition/Rhetoric Track, 9 hours:
              ENGL 622 Rhetoric and Belief
              ENGL 623 Discourse Theory
              ENGL 625 Rhetorical Methods and Publication

          3. Discourse Studies, 0-12 hours:
              ENGL 530 Advanced English Grammar
              ENGL 532 Introduction to Linguistics
              ENGL 558 Teaching English as a Second Language
              ENGL 624 Non-Traditional Rhetoric

          4. Writing, 0-9 hours:
              ENGL 520 Creative Nonfiction Workshop
              ENGL 522 Fiction Workshop
              ENGL 523 Poetry Workshop
              ENGL 525 Advanced Composition
              ENGL 526 Business and Professional Writing
              ENGL 540 Special Topic: Playwriting

          5. Literature, 3-9 hours:
              ENGL 562 American Literature to 1860
              ENGL 563 American Literature after 1860
              ENGL 564 American Novel
              ENGL 570 Multicultural Literature
              ENGL 571 Literature and Belief
              ENGL 572 Film and Belief
              ENGL 576 Fiction
              ENGL 577 Drama
              ENGL 578 Poetry
              ENGL 581 Medieval British Literature
              ENGL 583 Shakespeare
              ENGL 584 17th Century British Literature
              ENGL 595 18th Century British Literature
              ENGL 596 19th Century British Literature
              ENGL 597 20th Century British Literature
              ENGL 610 Studies in American Literature (may be repeated up to 9 hours)
              ENGL 612 Studies in British Literature (may be repeated up to 9 hours)
              ENGL 615 Studies in World Literature

          6. Support field, 0-6 hours

          7. Thesis credits, 0-6 hours (optional)

          8. Comprehensive Exams 

          9. Competence in a second language approved by the English 
              graduate advisor (usually demonstrated through the completion 
              of sophomore-level foreign language courses. 

Application Deadline:
Fall 2016
  • Aug. 12, 2016

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