ACU's Master of Arts in English program is one of the only programs in the state of Texas that actively incorporates a master’s degree in English with faith-based practices. The faculty challenges students to address current rhetorical and literary theory through a forward-thinking curriculum while maintaining an atmosphere hospitable to people of faith.

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Master of Arts in English

In the words of John Donne, “God is a declaratory God.”  Since communication is not only central to the human experience, but also a central quality of the Creator, we believe that the effective composing, transmission and interpretation of words has broad implications.  The ACU English faculty conducts the study of English with an acknowledgment that human language echoes the divine activity of the Logos—the Word that is the beginning of all things.

Graduate students in English can expect to:

  • rigorously address current rhetorical and literary theory, in an atmosphere that is hospitable to people of faith;
  • interact with professors eager to mentor students in critical methodology, research, professional writing, publication, tutoring, and teaching;
  • participate in a unique spiritual and intellectual community with graduate students from across campus;
  • graduate prepared to enter doctoral programs or pursue careers in teaching and writing.

The Department of Language and Literature at ACU offers a 36-hour Master of Arts degree with emphases in Literature, Composition and Rhetoric, and Creative Writing.

Did you know that:

  • Our Language and Literature faculty boasts award-winning authors?
  • We offer one-to-one mentorship with faculty?
  • We have a diverse faculty?
  • We employ advanced, forward-thinking curricula?
  • We offer graduate assistantships and scholarships on a competitive basis?

Visit the Department of Language and Literature website for more information about studying English at ACU.

Also visit our blog, The Inkwell, to see what's happening around the Department of Language and Literature.

Application Deadline:
Fall 2016
  • Aug. 12, 2016

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