ConnectEd Consulting School Partnership Program

ConnectEd Consulting helps school districts:

  • Create a vision for implementing a mobile learning program
  • Develop and implement a teacher training program
  • Develop and implement a mentor training program
  • Develop and implement a leadership training program
  • Help schools evaluate the effectiveness of the program
  • Offer ongoing support for teachers by participating in an online learning community of all participating schools.

ConnectEd Consulting also partners with schools, offering a Professional Development Program. Students participating in this program can complete the ACU Certificate in Digital Learning simultaneously. As students work through the phases of the ConnectEd Consulting’s Professional Development program, they may also  may work toward completion of ACU's graduate Certificate in Leadership of Digital Learning or online Master of Education degree. All students who wish to complete graduate work at ACU must apply and meet the admission requirements as determined by the ACU Graduate School. 

Digital Ready Badge
First level of ConnectEd Consulting’s Professional Development Program
Digital Author Badge
Students begin the ACU Leadership in Digital Learning Certificate Program with EDUC 653 Creating Student-Centered Digital Learning Environments
Digital Facilitator Badge
Students will begin EDUC 654 Assessing Digital Learning and Facilitation
Digital Mentor Badge
Students will begin EDUC 651 Leading Continuous Improvement of Digital Learning
Digital Master Badge
Students will begin gain credit for EDUC 652 Leading Evolving Digital Learning Systems and will have completed the Leadership of Digital Learning Certificate from ACU
Application Deadline:
 Summer 1 2014
  • April 18, 2014

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