Goals and Objectives

1. The program will prepare graduates to have commitment to utilize nutrition-related knowledge to improve the quality of the health and well-being among those who have limited resources. This goal is congruent with the Dietetic Internship mission concerning helping those in poverty. 

  1. Objective 1.1- Eighty percent of graduates will be offering services to those in need in their church or their community.

2. The program will prepare graduates to obtain employment in dietetics or related field. This goal fits with the mission in the preparation of graduates for successful employment in the field.

  1. Objective 2.1 - One hundred percent of interns will successfully complete the internship requirements within the time frame of the internship, or due to extenuating circumstances, within 150% of the time or 66 weeks. 
  2. Objective 2.2 - Over a 5 year period, eighty percent or more of students who successfully complete Abilene Christian University’s Dietetic Internship will pass the RD exam on the first attempt.
  3. Objective 2.3- Eighty percent of graduates will obtain employment within 12 months in dietetics or related field.
  4. Objective 2.4 - Eighty percent of graduates will indicate they felt prepared for the workplace.

3. The program will prepare graduates for leadership in the field of nutrition and dietetics. Being prepared for leadership in the field indicates that graduates are well-prepared for the profession, which reflects the mission of providing high quality supervised practice experiences that prepare graduates for the field.  The expectation is that graduates will be highly respected because of their competency and leadership potential.

  1. Objective 3.1 - Eighty percent of surveys returned from employers rated graduates as being good or excellent for competency and leadership potential.
  2. Objective 3.2  - Eighty percent of graduates will pursue leadership roles in the community or profession within 2 years of completing the dietetic internship.

All of these goals and objectives can also be found in the Dietetic Internship Handbook. The mission, goals, and objectives will be monitored at least annually for program effectiveness. Program outcomes data are available on request.

After successfully completing the five graduate courses and dietetic internship rotation requirements, the intern will be provided with a Certificate of Completion and a Verification Statement indicating their eligibility to sit for the Registration Examination for Dietitians required for credentialing. State licensure may be gained after passing the Registration Examination for Dietitians, or the graduate may sit for a State Licensure Examination.

Successful Completion of Dietetic Internship

In order to successfully complete the CitySquare Dietetic Internship, all interns must receive an A or B on the graduate courses, complete all rotation evaluation forms and present the completed and signed evaluation forms (including self-evaluations) to the Dietetic Internship Director within the designated time frame; and have a satisfactory rating or above on all evaluations. The Dietetic Internship director will provide additional evaluations on projects and research that are required throughout the internship.

Program completion requirements for interns include successful completion of each rotation and all 5 graduate-level courses. The Weight Management course is three weeks in duration and moves very quickly. 

Students who successfully complete online classes typically have the following characteristics:

  • Self-motivated
  • Excellent time management skills
  • Self-disciplined
  • Enjoy being “online”
  • Have at least several hours each day to dedicate to study and assignments

Completion Requirements and Credit for Prior Learning or Competence

Each intern must successfully complete all supervised practice rotations and graduate courses associated with the DI.  The Abilene Christian University Dietetic Internship does not have a policy for assessing prior learning or competence.  No credit is given for prior learning experiences or competence.  The maximum amount of time for completing all DI requirements is 66 weeks from the time the student begins the internship.

Application Deadline:
Fall 2017
  • Feb. 15, 2017

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