Course Requirements

The Dietetic Internship program provides 15 hours of graduate coursework: 

Weight Management (3 hours)
Provides working knowledge of pathophysiology related to overweight and obesity, medical nutrition therapies, pharmacology, and surgical procedures.  The nutrition care process will be utilized throughout all aspects of nutritional care.

Dietetic Internship (6 hours)
Provides working knowledge of the domains of dietetics:  principles of dietetics, nutrition care for individuals and groups, management of food and nutrition programs and services, and foodservice systems.

Nutrition and Poverty (3 hours)
Nutritional effects of poverty in the US and developing countries on physical, education and emotional status of individuals and families. Impacts of government and non-profit programs (including WIC, Food Stamps, and food banks) on nutritional outcomes. Students apply appropriate methods of assisting families with nutritional food choices and budgeting.

Nutrition Research (3 hours)
Overview of the research process used to enhance evidence-based knowledge in the field of nutrition. Includes use of literature reviews, formulation of research questions and study designs, managing a nutritional study, preparing surveys and interviews, and interpreting quantitative and qualitative data. Formulation of research proposal and obtaining IRB approval.

Application Deadline:
Fall 2017
  • Feb. 15, 2017

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