About the Dietetic Internship

The DI Committee members feel graduates of the ACU DI will be prepared to serve the majority of the population but especially populations that have disabilities or are in poverty. The ACU Dietetic Internship is designed to prepare students with the academic and clinical training to sit for the Registration Examination for Dietitians.

The mission of the Abilene Christian University Dietetic Internship is to equip interns who model Christian values to become Registered Dietitians/Nutritionists to lead and empower individuals, especially those with economic need, to achieve better nutrition and healthier lifestyles. Consistent with the mission of CitySquare, interns will focus their time on the issues of “hunger”, “health”, “housing”, and “hope”.

  • Hunger - Interns will address hunger of those in poverty by working in the Opportunity Center Food Bank and the Summer Feeding Programs through CitySquare. The internship schedule will include several clinical rotations including but not limited to bariatric, cardiac, endocrinology, intensive care, oncology, pediatric, renal, surgical, and general medical.
  • Health - Along with the clinical experiences, an outpatient counseling rotation will address health of the clientele using knowledge gained in the clinical rotations.
  • Hope - Hope is manifested in education and gaining skills for employment. Dietetic interns will be instrumental in helping teach basic culinary and food service skills in the food production kitchen and cafe´ at the Opportunity Center at CitySquare.
  • Housing - Indirectly, housing will be addressed through intern involvement in teaching basic selection, procurement, and preparation of healthful meals for home use in the CitySquare demonstration kitchen.
Application Deadline:
Fall 2017
  • Feb. 15, 2017

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