Degree Plan

First Year Total Hours: 31

Second Year Total Hours: 21 

Program Total Hours: 52

First Year- Fall (15)  
Course NumberCourse Description
COMP 602Aphasia (3)
COMP 610Language Disorders in Children (3)
COMP 620Communication Research Methods (3)
COMP 659Diagnostic and Therapeutic Theory (3)
COMP 693Clinical Practicum (3)
First Year - Spring (12)  
COMP 601Phonological Disorders (3)
COMP 603Motor Speech Disorders (3)
COMP 613Dysphagia and Related Disorders (3)
COMP 693Clinical Practicum (3)
First Year- Summer (4-6)  
COMP 608Multicultural Issues in Speech-Language Pathology (3)
COMP 693Clinical Practicum (1 or 3)
Second Year- Fall (12)  
COMP 604Voice Disorders (3)
COMP 606Fluency Disorders (3)
COMP 661Special Problems in Speech Pathology and Audiology (3)
COMP 694Advanced Clinical Practicum (3)
Second Year- Spring (9)  
COMP 670Seminar in Speech Pathology: Professional Ethics (3)
COMP 670Seminar in Pathology: Capstone (3)
COMP 694Advanced Clinical Practicum (3)
Application Deadline:
 Fall 2017
  • Jan 15, 2017

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