Degree Plan

First Year- Fall  
Course NumberCourse Description
COMP 602Aphasia
COMP 610Language Disorders in Children
COMP 620Communication and Research Methods
COMP 659Diagnostic and Therapeutic Theory
COMP 693Clinical Practicum
First Year - Spring  
COMP 601Phonological Disorders
COMP 603Motor Speech Disorders
COMP 613Dysphasia and Related Disorders
COMP 693Clinical Practicum
First Year- Summer  
COMP 608Multi-Cultural Issues in Speech- Language Pathology
COMP 693Clinical Practicum
Second Year- Fall  
COMP 604Voice Disorders
COMP 606Fluency Disorders

COMP 661

Special Problems in Speech Pathology and Audiology
COMP 694Advanced Clinical Practicum
Second Year- Spring  
COMP 670Seminar in Speech Pathology: Professional Ethics
COMP 670Seminar in Pathology: Capstone
COMP 694Advanced Clinical Practicum
Application Deadline:
 Fall 2015
  • February 1, 2015

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