Graduate School Thesis Guide

For your convenience, the ACU Thesis Guide is available to download as a PDF. Additionally, all of the forms required for the thesis process are available below. All forms need to be returned to the Graduate School prior to or during the thesis process. You may send or bring in a hard copy, or you may e-mail your forms. 

Thesis Guide

Download the Thesis Guide

If you would like to pick up a hard copy of the Thesis Guide, you may come to the Graduate School located in the Hardin Administration Building, Room 216. 


Before you write the thesis:

At the end of the first three hours:

  • Prospectus Signature Page
    • The complete prospectus
    • IRB Approval Letter (if required for your thesis)
  • Revision Form (This form is only needed if you are making changes to your committee and/or thesis topic and/or methodology)

At the end of the process:

Other Resources

If you need assistance with Turabian Levels of heading please contact Amelia Emery in the Graduate School.

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Physical Address:

Hardin Administration Building
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Phone or Email:

If you have any questions about the thesis process, please contact Amelia Emery at 325-674-2979 or

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