GSA Officer Roles

The GSA has four Officer Positions:

President: The President is responsible for presiding over the weekly meetings and setting the agenda. The GSA president also serves as a non-voting member on the Graduate Academic Council (meets monthly on the second Tuesday of the month following Chapel).

Vice President: The Vice President assists the President and is usually responsible for various activities and the Spring Forum. 

Treasurer: The Treasurer is responsible for the GSA funds and the disbursement of funds for events and for travel reimbursements for students.

Secretary: The Secretary takes minutes of each meeting and distributes them to the other officers and the graduate advisor.

The four GSA Officers meet weekly to plan events for all graduate students and represent graduate student concerns to the administration. Each officer receives a $1,400 scholarship for serving ($700 per semester). All officers work together to organize and host various activities and events.

Graduate Students can also serve as Departmental Representatives:

Each department that has a graduate program will elect a representative from among its graduate students to serve as a departmental representative to the GSA officers. This person will serve as an important communication link between the officers and the department. Each department must have a representative in order for students in that department to be eligible for travel/activity stipends.

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