About the Graduate Students Association

The Graduate Students Association (GSA) was established to contribute to the social, academic, and professional formation of graduate students. ACU offers 29 graduate degree programs in a variety of departments. The GSA brings together students from all departments to create and enhance community.

The GSA holds a research competition each Spring. Graduate students from all departments are invited to turn in research that they have done. These projects are judged by Graduate faculty from ACU. Cash awards are given to participants who turn in outstanding work in the categories of qualitative and quantitative research, and creative writing.

The GSA receives funds from the University for graduate professional activities and the GSA strives to use these funds to benefit graduate students. Since it is our goal to further the professional formation of graduate students, the GSA offers travel stipends for students to attend professional meetings and conferences.

At ACU, Graduate students are given the opportunity to both attend and participate in Graduate Chapel. This event is held every Wednesday in Chapel on the Hill on ACU's campus. It is here where students from various departments get to be in a setting where they can worship God together.

Once a month, the GSA offers a free pizza luncheon in the Library Atrium. Through this program, students come together to take a break from the rigors of graduate study and share a meal with people from various departments.
The GSA also sponsors seasonal celebrations once a semester. Students are invited to come and take part of these seasonal celebrations as a way to get away from campus and fellowship with each other.

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