Graduate Student Orientation

The ACU Graduate School will host a Graduate Student Orientation on Friday, August 21, 2015 at 9 a.m. During orientation, new graduate students will:

  • Learn about campus services
  • Learn about opportunities for research funding
  • Register for parking permits
  • Meet the Graduate School staff

A session for new graduate assistants for follow immediately afterward. If you have not already done so, please pre-register for Graduate Student Orientation.

Also, each department is subject to hold an additional orientation. If you do not see your program listed below, please contact your advisor with questions regarding departmental orientations.  

Department Date Time Who Should Attend

Graduate Assistants in the Communication program

Communication Science and DisordersTBDTBDNew students in the CSD program
(distance students)
TBDTBDGST students who are primarily taking classes online.
(residential students)
TBDTBDGST students who are taking classes on-campus.
EnglishTBDTBDIncoming English graduate students
Marriage & Family TherapyTBDTBDNew students in the MFT program
Social WorkTBDTBDNew Social Work students 
Occupational TherapyTBDTBDNew Occupational Therapy students

For additional information, please contact the Graduate School at or 325-674-2223.