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Master of Divinity (M.Div.) Equivalency

Pursue a D.Min. without an M.Div.

For anyone interested in pursuing a Doctor of Ministry (D.Min.) degree, an M.Div. or its educational equivalent is required for admission. So if you are interested in a D.Min. but hold an M.A. or other theological master’s degree, M.Div. Equivalency provides an avenue for you to gain the necessary requirements for entry into a D.Min. without starting from scratch on an M.Div. degree.

At ACU, our standard for evaluating M.Div. equivalency is our 72-hour M.Div. degree plan. We will review your graduate transcripts and determine which of the courses you have already taken will fit into the M.Div. equivalency plan, granting as many credits as possible.

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  • Courses taken for M.Div. Equivalency will vary based on master’s-level coursework already completed.
  • Courses can be taken at ACU or any ATS-approved institution. Financial aid may be available for courses taken at ACU.
  • All courses taken for M.Div. Equivalency program should be taken for credit.

Admission Requirements

  • Complete the online application and pay the $25 application fee;
  • Request official transcripts of credit from your college, seminary, and all other institutions where you completed master's-level coursework;      
  • Email materials to or mail them to:
    Office of Graduate Programs
    ACU Box 29140
    Abilene, TX 79699

Upon receipt of all application materials, the Graduate School of Theology associate dean and Doctor of Ministry director will review your file and determine which courses you need to take to earn M.Div. Equivalency.

Note that admission to M.Div. Equivalency does not guarantee admission to the D.Min. program. Rather, it simply means that you would be approved to complete the hours needed to qualify as an applicant for the D.Min. program. After completing all courses needed to achieve M.Div. Equivalency, we will invite you to proceed with applying for admission to the D.Min. program!

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