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Welcome to our Relocation and F.A.Q. page. This page is dedicated to answering some initial questions that you may have about coming to Graduate School at Abilene Christian University and the Abilene area. In order to save you time, the page is separated into three sections: Student Experience, Housing Options, and Employment. If your question is not addressed in this page, please email

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Student Experience  

1. What percentage of graduate students receive financial aid; assistantships, scholarships, or grants?  
81% of full-time graduate students receive some form of financial aid. Learn more about Financial Aid.

2. How many graduate hours constitute a full load?  
A course load of 9 hours is considered full-time, 6 hours is considered half-time. However, some programs require their students to enroll in 12 hours per semester. Please refer to the degree program of your interest.

3. What percentage of graduate students are members of churches other than the Church of Christ?  
40% of ACU graduate students indicate a religious affiliation of something other than the Church of Christ.

4. What do graduate students do for fun in Abilene?  
ACU graduate students have a variety of activities available to them, finding time to do them is the challenge! Students participate in intramural sports, monthly free lunches, free movies on campus, holiday banquets, BBQ's, and forums. Most programs plan additional activities for students in the department.

ACU has an active Graduate Student Association. The Graduate Student Association (GSA) was established to contribute to the academic, professional, and social formation of graduate students. With the variety of graduate programs being offered at ACU, the GSA helps bring the different programs together for a community atmosphere among graduate students. Monthly lunches (free pizza!), a winter banquet and other activities are planned so that graduate students can take time from their studies and become part of this community.

In addition to campus activities, students also connect with the Abilene community by volunteering in various service organizations, such as "Meals on Wheels," "Habitat for Humanity," and in local congregations.

5. How do I schedule a campus visit and what opportunities are available during my stay?  
To schedule a visit to ACU, contact Graduate Admissions at 325-674-6911 or email During your visit, we encourage and will be happy to arrange for you to take a tour of the campus, meet with your advisor, and attend a class.

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Housing Options  

6. Where do most graduate students live (married & single)?  
Graduate students live in various on-campus and off-campus apartment complexes, houses, town homes, condos, and duplexes near campus.for more information, please visit our Housing Options page. 

7. As a non-resident student attending one-week intensive courses, what housing options are available?  
We frequently are able to arrange on-campus housing in furnished apartments at University Park. University Park offers conference housing for a flat rate of $25 a day per person. The units are fully furnished with a kitchen, living room, bathroom and bedroom, however, guests should bring their own bedding, toiletries, and any kitchen items they may desire. If on-campus housing is unavailable, there are a number of hotels nearby.


8. Where can I find information on on-campus/off-campus employment?  
For information about employment, please visit our Human Resources page.

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