Dr. Charles Nelson to present life's work to ACU's Brown Library and other special friends

For immediate release

January 15, 1999


Dr. Charles Nelson, nationally-known operatic performer, professor of music and artist-in-residence at Abilene Christian University


Dr. Nelson has chronicled his life's work in the musical arts in a book, "A Life of Song." The book documents and follows Nelson's career in the vocal arts and accompanies a collection of 90 compact discs produced from recordings from different stages of Nelson's career. Nelson will present 34 compact discs, the first segment of the 90-disc collection, to Marsha Harper of ACU's Brown Library. Nelson will produce the remainder of the compact disc collection during the next few months.


Today, Jan. 15, 1999, at noon

(A luncheon for friends of the Nelsons will start at noon, and the presentation will take place at approximately 12:15 p.m. - between the luncheon entree and dessert.)


The WACU Museum at the corner of EN 16th Street and Campus Court


Nelson's book features programs and performances spanning his career as soloist, teacher, choral conductor and performer. Those interested will be able to access the book in ACU's Brown Library, then reference many of the performances and songs in the book via the compact disc collection. The first segment of compact discs, being presented today, feature Nelson's choral works. The second segment will feature his solo works.

Nelson came to ACU in 1984 as a professor and was promoted to artist-in-residence status in September 1986.

He began his musical study on the violin at age 6 in Fort Worth. When his voice changed at 11, he was introduced to the study of singing at the local conservatory. At age 14, he moved to Denton, where he continued his study at North Texas State University.

When he was selected to sing in the University Choir at age 15, he permanently retired the violin. At 17, he became the featured male soloist with the University Choir.

After two years in the military service and two music degrees, he began teaching choral music in Texas public schools. During the next nine years, he continued performing throughout the south and west.

From 1959-68, he taught at David Lipscomb College, eventually becoming a professor and chairman of the music department. He next served as a professor and choral conductor at East Texas State University.

He has directed clinics, judged competitions and performed oratories, operas and solo recitals across the nation.

Between 1968-69 and 198-84, Nelson's musical outings numbered 964. During those 15 years, he had performed in 17 different states, 143 towns and at 53 different college and university campuses.

In 1985, he and four other ACU faculty members performed in Carnegie Hall in New York and in Kennedy Center Terrace Theatre in Washington, D.C.

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