ACU to conduct "Clear Choices" campaign this week to help students focus on relationships, health, life

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January 25, 1999

Abilene Christian University's Counseling Center will help people on campus focus on "Clear Choices" from the Christian perspective about relationships, health and life this week, dealing with issues ranging from roommate relations to drug and sexual abuse.

Dr. Steve Allison of ACU's Counseling Center will initiate the week today in Daily Assembly at 11 a.m. with a brief presentation. Focused activities begin on Tuesday and continue Wednesday and Friday.

Clear Choices coordinator Margaret Davis, also of ACU's Counseling Center, said young adults across the nation deal with issues Clear Choices week will explore. "It's a way of getting solutions and directions to people in a proactive way."

On Tuesday:

11 a.m. John Risse, Southern Hills Church of Christ minister, will speak in Daily Assembly about relationships.

10 a.m.-3 p.m. Interactive exhibits will be set up in the Hilton Room in McGlothlin Campus Center. Exhibits will focus on issues such as:





exercise and physical fitness







body piercing

Noon Jackie Halstead, instructor of marriage and family therapy, will make a presentation titled "Sexuality" in the Hilton Room

1 p.m. Jackie Yarbrough of Serenity House will make a presentation titled "Substance Abuse" in the Hilton Room

2 p.m. Pam Money, LMFT, will make a presentation titled "Looking for Love," a focus on dating and relationships, in the Hilton Room

On Wednesday:

11 a.m. Liz Rotenberry of ACU's department of exercise health and science will speak in Daily Assembly about honesty

10 a.m.-3 p.m. Interactive exhibits will be set up in the Hilton Room in McGlothlin Campus Center. Exhibits will focus on issues such as:

Internet abuse

physical abuse

date rape

emotional abuse

career choices

time management

study skills


learning styles


body image



ethnic diversity

death of a family member

single parenting


sex from a Christian view

coping with divorce

coping with college

coping with marriage

coping with children

Noon Panel presentation on eating disorders featuring Sandra Denison, LPC, LMFT; Jennifer Norman, RDLD, of Hendrick Health System; and two students, Paige Reynolds and Jessica Dodson, who have dealt with eating disorders

1 p.m. Lisa Northway, manager of ACU's University Park Apartments, and Steve Rowlands of ACU's Counseling Center will make a presentation titled "Neatniks and Messies Dealing with Roommates and Spouses"

2 p.m. Hazel Fillmon, residence hall director, will make a presentation titled "Loneliness"

10 a.m.-3 p.m. Eating Attitude Test (with feedback) in the Hilton Room

10 a.m.-3 p.m. Continuous showing of a 20-minute video, "Campus Rape," in the Hilton Room

Noon-4 p.m. Walk-Run ACU, an event coordinated by Liz Rotenberry. People are encouraged to walk or run the 1.9 perimeter of campus during those times, registering on Campus Court at the intramural field.

With a break from events Thursday, Friday will be labeled as "Fat Free Friday" to empower people to let go of the fear of fat. From 11:30 a.m. to 1 p.m. in McGlothlin Campus Center, people can step on the "Scale of Fortune."

Davis said through all of these events and communication efforts, a strong emphasis will be placed on body acceptance with the slogan "IYQYQR" (I like you like you are.)

"IYQYQR is about appreciating and respecting yourself and others regardless of body shape or size or differences in life experiences, ethnicity and culture," Davis said. "A low sense of worth is often a strong factor in people getting involved in harmful behaviors, such as pornography, drugs, eating disorders, abuse, etc.

"Failure to value those who are different fuels prejudice and mistreatment of others," she said. "The booths in the Hilton Room are intended to give students an opportunity to talk with and listen to presenters on life issues with which students around the world struggle. We hope those who attend will find ideas and encouragement that will make their lives more functional and happy."

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