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ACU announces record enrollment for fall 2006

Total enrollment at Abilene Christian University for fall 2006 is 4,796, topping the previous record high in fall 2004 of 4,786, announced ACU president Dr. Royce Money.

This fall's official 12th-day enrollment is an increase of 93 students over last year's total, Money said. The enrollment is comprised of 632 graduate students and 4,164 undergraduates, and the students are from 51 states and territories and 57 nations.

"This is a great way to end our Centennial year and begin our second century," Money said. "In addition to a strong entering class, we retained our highest percentage ever of last year's record-high freshman class. We also have strong enrollment in our two new online graduate programs and high overall graduate school enrollment."

Robert Heil, assistant vice president for enrollment and strategic marketing operations, said the entering class is academically strong.

"ACU continues to attract an increasing number of students with high ACT and SAT test scores, strong high school records and high involvement in their schools and churches," Heil said. "These students are a great fit at ACU. They are often attracted to distinctive programs at ACU such as Body & Soul - our prestigious pre-medical/pre-dental program - and our accredited journalism and business programs."

An increasing number of top Abilene-area students are choosing to study at ACU, said Dr. Michelle Morris, vice president for university relations. In addition, 3,974 of our current undergraduate students are from other counties, states and nations.

"All our students enrich this community by working here, volunteering here, shopping here and enjoying local entertainment venues and restaurants," Morris said. "The nearly 4,800 students at ACU not only invest in their educations; they invest their time and their money in the local community."

ACU's three highest total enrollments have occurred in the past six years: 4,796 this fall, 4,786 in fall 2004 and 4,761 in fall 2000, Morris said.