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Alumni to be honored in double Distinguished Alumni Citation ceremony

April 6, 2006

Abilene Christian University alumni Randy Boggs ('80) and Steve Green ('77) will be presented with Distinguished Alumni Citations Sunday at a ceremony and reception at 2:30 p.m. at the Oak Hills Church in San Antonio.

While at ACU, Boggs' interest in missions to Spanish-speaking countries was sparked. "My Spanish teachers at ACU gave me a real interest in cross-cultural evangelism," he said.

He is still working on sharpening his Spanish, and he's traveled to Mexico, El Salvador and several other Latin American countries through missions programs at Oak Hills Church.

Boggs, first vice president of wealth management at Smith Barney in San Antonio, sees his prominent business position as a "platform for ministry."

"We work with affluent families and assist them with being good stewards of their resources," Boggs said. "We want to make sure their investments reflect their values and who they are as people."

Besides teaching his clients a bit about stewardship, Boggs also reaches out to his colleagues through a weekly Bible study in his office.

"We call it the office support group, but it's really a chance to build relationships with my colleagues and talk to them about what I think is most important. I've really tried to use my role at Smith Barney to grow my career and share my faith."

Boggs' interest in marketplace ministry began during his junior year at ACU, which he spent in Edinburgh, Scotland, with the MARC (Missionary Apprentice Resource Corps) program. The program included some business classes, but also entailed Bible teaching and personal evangelism, and Boggs says it helped "solidify my faith. I felt like it was the Lord's call on my life to work in the business community and use that as an avenue to do ministry."

Green is being honored for his ministry in the media. He is president of Anvil II Management and managing director for UpWords, best-selling author Max Lucado's teaching and radio ministry.

Anvil represents the interests of Lucado, Tim Kimmel, Karen Hill, Phil Gulley and several other authors in various publishing arenas. Green oversees projects ranging from tour events with Christian artists to musical concept albums inspired by Lucado's writing. The company also handles the details of book publishing for its authors.

Green's role at Anvil is quite a contrast to his early career as a bank officer and consultant. When Lucado received a contract for his first book, On the Anvil, he called Green – his longtime friend and ACU roommate – for help.

"I didn't know anything about publishing," Green recalls. "But my background was in finance, so Max asked me to look at the contract. As time went on, it became clear that he would need someone to keep up with the business details of his publishing program."

Lucado said that Green is a good example of loyalty because he keeps his word, cherishes friendships and has God in top priority.

"I came from a home of believing parents, but I didn't have a personal faith," Green said. "When I got to ACU, I had a choice to make – how to skate on the coat-tails of my parents' faith, abandon faith altogether or find a faith of my own."

He said that ACU supported his decision to find a faith of his own.

Lucado, friend of Boggs and college roommate of Green, will deliver one of the tribute speeches at the event.

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