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MINI Cooper to help ACU employee adopt child from China

Dec. 16, 2005

Abilene Christian University employee Krista Fauvel is driving to Arlington Friday to pick up the new MINI Cooper she recently won in a Dr Pepper contest. But don’t expect to see this contest winner zipping around Abilene in her new convertible.

Fauvel, who is an administrative assistant in ACU’s College of Business Administration, plans to sell the car and use the money to cover the cost of adopting a baby girl from China. She and her husband, Darrell, who is a computer support analyst at ACU, are in the early stages of the adoption process.

“We prayed about it for a long time, and when we decided to do it, we were just stepping out in faith that we would find a way to pay for it,” Krista said.

That way turned up in the form of a soft-drink contest.

 According to a press release from Dr Pepper, a new MINI Cooper convertible was given away each day for 75 days beginning on May 18, 2005. Dr Pepper drinkers could win instantly by visiting and entering codes found under the caps of 20 oz and 2-liter bottles or inside 12-pack wraps of specially marked packages.

Although Krista wasn't one of the first winners, a second-chance drawing was held to give away the cars that were not claimed by the original winners.

When she received the letter announcing her prize and called to confirm it, Krista immediately realized the car wasn’t a practical one for starting a family. But she and Darrell soon they decided the value of the car could be especially practical.

“Of course, we wish that we could keep it, but pretty quickly it hit us that if we sold it, that would pay for the adoption,” she said.

In a press release, Dr Pepper and the local bottler, Abtex Beverages, said they “join Krista and her husband, Darrell, in celebrating this fantastic news.”

The Fauvels are planning to sell the car, valued at about $24,000, for $20,000, which is approximately the amount needed to pay for the cost of the adoption.



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