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Students pitch in to help city receive Rita evacuees

ACU students helped prepare an unused Wal-Mart building to house Katrina victims just weeks ago. Now students are helping to provide aid to Rita evacuees.

September 23, 2005

As the city of Abilene prepares to receive evacuees from the Texas Gulf coast in preparation for Hurricane Rita, Abilene Christian University students are at the forefront of assisting those in need.

Although all Abilene hotel rooms and all ACU resident halls and apartments are full, two shelters have been set up in Abilene to receive the approximately 400 evacuees scheduled to arrive Friday evening.

Nearly 200 ACU students completed Red Cross training in preparation to help evacuees from Hurricane Katrina. Many of those Red Cross-trained students are now taking two-to-four hour shifts, with six students at each shelter for each shift, to assist in processing and providing care for the Rita evacuees. Students who have not been Red Cross certified will help prepare the shelters by cleaning and setting up cots. Billingual ACU students and faculty staff may also be used as translators when needed.

In addition, the ARAMARK dining services from all three local universities are working together to provide food at the shelters.

Approximately 80 evacuees are staying on ACU’s campus to wait out the storm in unused apartments and residence hall rooms. Most are ACU alumni or family members of students or faculty/staff.


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