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ACU professor’s daughter collects teddy bears for hurricane victims

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Sept. 13, 2005

Images of hurricane-evacuated children leaving with nothing but teddy bears in their hands, inspired the daughter of an Abilene Christian University professor to make sure evacuee children would have something to hold on to.

"If I was a child without anything, it would be even more devastating, because everyone needs something to hold on to," said Sara Kate Luttrell, a 14 year-old and student at Franklin Middle School. Sara Kate's father is Lynn Luttrell, associate professor of exercise science and health at ACU.

Luttrell has organized a donation drive to provide stuffed animals to as many hurricane evacuee children as possible after watching a news program where two children escaped the hurricane with nothing but their teddy bears, which they both managed to grab on the way out of their home. She and her friends began to compile their stuffed animals to donate to this cause, and now she is hoping to broaden her outreach.

Abilene Mayor Norm Archibald said that Luttrell and her friends could give donated toys to any evacuee children who came to Abilene, and if Abilene didn't receive evacuees, then he would help her find other ways to distribute the toys.  Luttrell worked through Hillcrest Church of Christ, asking for individual and family donations.  The Luttrells have more than 120 donated toys currently and have already delivered some to the evacuees in Cisco. 

 "I’m praying for all the families that are out there, still looking for their kids," Luttrell said.

Anyone wishing to donate to the stuffed animal collection may bring donations to 2502 Campus Ct. and place the stuffed animals on the front porch.


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