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1999 Archived News Releases


12/27/99- Longtime ACU dean, national "Point of Light" Walter H. Adams dies early Thursday
12/17/99 - Millennium hymn by ACU professors to be performed in Rome
12/16/99 - ACU presents American icon Fred Gray with honorary degree
12/15/99 - New endowed scholarship honors church historian, wife
12/6/99 - Grades available to ACU students on the Web or by phone
12/2/99 - ACU student letter to be published in Dec. 6 issue of U.S. World & News Report
12/2/99 - ACU Gerontology Center to offer January short course
12/2/99 - ACU student to exhibit unusual art
12/1/99 - Women for ACU to serve Christmas luncheons, fill Christmas orders


11/29/99- Alabama civil rights attorney to receive ACU's honorary doctor of laws degree at December commencement
11/23/99 - ACU community participates in Salvation Army "Adopt an Angel"
11/22/99- ACU president apologizes for past racial discrimination; civil rights attorney Fred Gray formally accepts apology
11/22/99 - ACU's Michelle Morris included in national business publication
11/18/99 - ACU chorales to present fall concert
11/17/99 - Agribusiness professional to speak to students
11/17/99 - ACU's computer science teams place with top schools
11/15/99 - ACU history department to conduct archeological expedition
11/15/99 - ACU journalism students win awards at IRTS
11/15/99 - ACU taking pro-active steps to be a leader in Christian Missions
11/15/99 - ACU and local authors to discuss creative writing, faith and art
11/12/99 - ACU alumnae to appear tonight on ABC's "Who Wants to Be a Millionaire" television show
11/8/99 - ACU alumnus records CD on Chapman Stick
11/8/99 - ACU graduate publishes book about dealing with loss
11/8/99 - ACU to serve as host for University of North Texas music group
11/8/99 - Dr. Fred Bailey to speak on Veterans Appreciation
11/8/99 - ACU Brown Library conducts fall book sale
11/5/99 - ACU MBA student wins scholarship in business
11/3/99 - Summer Seminar in Missions set for summer of 2000
11/3/99 - ACU students and professors to present works at NCA meeting
11/3/99 - ACU to serve as host for 13th annual Carmichael-Walling Lectures
11/1/99 - ACU international students present Culture Show


10/29/99- Pianist Charles Rix to come to ACU
10/27/99 - ACU Choral Society announces release of recording
10/27/99 - Faulkner University honors ACU graduate/former faculty
10/27/99 - ACU to host Balkan Summit Evangelism Conference
10/27/99 - ACU is a first choice on Governor's web site
10/26/99 - ACU agriculture department awards Outstanding Aggie and Young Professional
10/26/99 - ACU Music Department opens Italy culture trip to all
10/25/99 - Prison warden to speak to ACU criminal justice class
10/25/99 - ACU alum to speak today about combating weapons of mass destruction
10/21/99 - Three ACU alumni to receive prestigious Gutenberg awards
10/21/99 - Women for ACU kick off 30th anniversary year
10/18/99 - ACU President Dr. Royce Money cited for leadership in encouraging character development
10/18/99 - ACU's Homecoming musical `Crazy For You' hits the Abilene stage
10/18/99 - ACU professor displays art exhibit
10/13/99 - ACU hosts Shinnery Review during Artwalk Thursday
10/12/99 - ACU Music Department to travel in Italy
10/7/99 - ACU faculty, staff perform in chorus
10/6/99 - ACU accredited for educator preparation
10/6/99 - Communication program receives candidacy for accreditation
10/6/99 - ACU Press releases Bible study books
10/6/99 - Students to attend nuclear physics meeting in California
10/5/99 - ACU, Abilene Reporter-Newsto bring Linda Chavez to Abilene to speak about civil rights in the workplace


9/28/99- Abilene Chamber of Commerce Outstanding citizen honored
9/27/99 - New book by ACU author
9/27/99 - Wellness Week begins with focus on mind, body and spirit
9/24/99 - WACU raises more than $5,000 for scholarships
9/24/99 - ACU alumna publishes devotional book
9/24/99 - Gilmer Belcher dies at 101
9/22/99 - ACU to host Balkan Summit Evangelism conference
9/22/99 - ACU's Freshman Follies lands this weekend
9/22/99 - Former Michigan Christian University president and ACU Alum dies
9/20/99 - Weigh Down founder to come to ACU
9/17/99 - ACU to honor Fort Worth fire marshal for saving life of student
9/17/99 - ACU alumni web site goes online
9/16/99 - Walk with Money for scholarships
9/16/99 - ACU takes pro-active steps to prevent any form of hazing
9/15/99 - ACU to celebrate Mexican Independence Day Thursday
9/13/99 - TASPA awards scholarship to ACU student
9/13/99 - Business students to pump gas, learn about customer service
9/9/99 - ACU library conducts fall book sale
9/8/99 - ACU enrollment hits record for second straight year
9/8/99 - Library acquires London Polyglot Bible
9/8/99 - ACU offers conflict mediation certificate
9/8/99 - ACU hosts Lectures on Preaching
9/8/99 - ACU faculty impact agriculture industry on the national level
9/8/99 - ACU students join in time of prayer for "See You at the Pole"
9/3/99 ACU to phase out MBA program, enhance undergraduate degrees
9/3/99 - ACU hires new physician
9/3/99 - ACU Press releases first Bible study software publication
9/3/99 - ACU's Brown Library receives textbooks from colleague of Einstein
9/1/99 - Money returns to Lake Jackson
9/1/99 - Student Aid Alliance campaigns for financial aid funding
9/1/99 - Dr. William J. Teague to conduct decision-making seminar
9/1/99 - ACU to celebrate Gilmer Belcher's birthday


8/31/99- Student markets local discount card
8/27/99 - Conference to discuss Christian literature in the age of politics
8/27/99 - ACU Chemistry professor receives substantial grant from NIH
8/27/99 - ACU introduces criminal justice program, focuses on interactive learning
8/24/99 - Native American flutist to perform at ACU
8/23/99 - Texas' Lieutenant Governor offers advice to ACU students
8/23/99 - ACU officials announce challenge grant from Mabee Foundation
8/22/99 - Colleges greeting students with new programs, facilities (ARN story)
8/20/99 - ACU again ranks as one of "American's Best Colleges"; academic reputation continues to increase
8/20/99 - ACU to officially open 94th year Monday with Lt. Gov. Rick Perry
8/19/99 - New ACU students end week with service projects, mud
8/19/99 - ACU hires dean, initiates new first-year program
8/19/99 - What's new at ACU for the 1999-2000 school year
8/16/99 - Universities add community service to welcoming agenda (ARN story)
8/12/99 - ACU alumni in InformationWeek magazine
8/12/99 - Two ACU students chosen as Center Fellows in Washington D.C.
8/10/99 - ACU student selected for Exxon internship
8/10/99 - ACU turning the page on traditional bookstore (ARN story)
8/9/99 - ACU theatre presents "Cedar Gap Homecoming"
8/6/99- Fifty-five cyclists to cross finish line at ACU for fund-raising bicycle trek
8/5/99 - ACU alumnus launches health education campaign


7/29/99- Rotary Club sponsors exhibit at memorial museum
7/27/99 - New college guidebook calls ACU "hidden treasure"
7/21/99 - American Airlines names ACU alumnus John R. Samuel Vice President of interactive marketing
7/21/99 - LeMoine Lewis to be honored by ACU Alumni Association
7/21/99 - "Chain Gang Ride" recruiting cyclists
7/20/99 - Long-time ACU professor Dr. Paul Southern dies at 98
7/19/99 - ACU summer workshop honors sisters of service
7/19/99 - ACU hosts students from Japan
7/15/99 - ACU begins new Exchange Visitors Program
7/14/99 - Education course offered by Texas Tech at ACU
7/12/99 - ACU prepares for presidential birthday bash
7/9/99 - ACU reading clinic provides unique summer learning opportunity
7/6/99 - ACU to begin alumni email newsletters
7/6/99 - ACU's Soul Lift preparing to take off across the nation
7/6/99 - ACU welcomes new staff member
7/5/99 - ACU faculty win prestigious grants
7/5/99 - Church leaders and teachers come to ACU for summer workshops


6/24/99- ACU professor selected to participate in advance placement reading
6/17/99 - ACU students from Abilene and the area named to Dean's List
6/17/99 - ACU students doing well in Mexico
6/17/99 - Students in international internship find ways to work past language barriers(ARN story)
6/17/99- Math Counts campers build solar-powered cars(ARN story)
6/10/99- ACU, Mexican students taking part in international internship (ARN story)
6/9/99 - Perry's school visit highlights changes for area teachers (ARN link)
6/4/99 - ACU theatre presents Shakespeare's "Henry V"
6/3/99 - Joe Cope of the ACU Foundation earns CFP mark
6/3/99 - ACU names director of human resources
6/3/99 - Upward Bound program at ACU receives renewal grant
6/3/99 - Junior scholars try out college life(ARN link)


5/26/99- ACU welcomes international students in internship exchange program
5/26/99 - ACU medical school acceptance rate above national average
5/26/99 - ACU alumnus celebrates birthday
5/24/99 - Grant to enhance ACU technology
5/24/99 - ACU hosts math camp
5/24/99 - ACU students accepted to schools in medical field
5/19/99 - American, British, Russian professionals to conduct evangelism conference at ACU
5/17/99 - Church leaders and teachers come to ACU for summer workshops
5/13/99 - ACU student group wins national integrated marketing contest
5/12/99 - ACU alum heads study of preventive AIDS vaccine
5/11/99 - Grandma pulls fast one on graduating ACU student (ARN link)
5/11/99 - Foreign officials introduced to private American college life at ACU (ARN link)
5/8/99 - ACU's graduating seniors ride emotional roller coaster during 1999 undergraduate commencement
5/7/99 - ACU departments present year-end awards to students
5/7/99 - ACU senior leaves pilot school to earn 200-credit degree (ARN link)
5/5/99 - ACU to confer 515 degrees Saturday
5/5/99 - ACU honors outstanding employees at year-end banquet
5/5/99 - Presidential Scholarship recipient announced


4/28/99 - ACU baseball players pitch in to be tutors for TAAS testing (ARNlink)
4/22/99 - WACU to share insights, wisdom at first senior send-off
4/16/99 - ACU speaker to explore Christian attitudes towards hunger
4/12/99 - ACU bands to close season with spring concert
4/12/99 - Dr. Doug Harink to speak about global stewardship
4/6/99 - ACU's Brown Library receives Texana collection; Al Lowman to speak
4/5/99 - Women for ACU to conduct annual book sale
4/2/99 - Actress Pippa White to perform for ACU Honors Program and Abilene schools
4/2/99 - ACU to participate in National Collegiate Alcohol Screening Day


3/29/99- ACU's College of Business Administration to emphasize faith, ethics with 1999 graduates during "Senior Blessing"
3/26/99 - ACU to bring Robert Woodson to Abilene to speak about building stronger neighborhoods
3/26/99 - ACU debate team takes national honors
3/25/99 - Students organize prayer vigil for ACU staff
3/22/99 - ACU listed in America's 100 Best College Buys; 1999-00 tuition rate announced
3/16/99 - Women for ACU to conduct annual fund-raising garage/plant sale March 26-27; announces scholarship recipients
3/15/99 - Abilene Christian University releases results of Y2K compatability tests
3/11/99 - History department to expand Camp Barkeley oral history collection program
3/9/99 - ACU student receives state honor
3/8/99 - Top students choosing Christian schools (ARNlink)
3/5/99 - LSAT registration and information books now available at ACU
3/4/99 - ACU students from Abilene and the area named to Dean's List


2/26/99- ACU dedicates building, honors Bill and Peggy Teague
2/24/99 - Abilene Christian University to present Fort Worth business leader with award
2/23/99 - Playwright/poet to visit ACU
2/23/99 - ACU receives national communication award
2/16/99 - Doug Smith to receive ACU's top alumni award
2/16/99 - ACU to present June and John Estes Jr. with Christian Service Award
2/16/99 - Daughter hopes to follow father's Sing Song footsteps to success
2/9/99 - ACU's 81st annual lectureship to attempt to take Christian growth to higher plane
2/9/99 - ACU to showcase Bible preservation exhibit during annual Lectureship
2/8/99 - 1999 Economic Outlook Conference to be conducted at ACU Wednesday
2/4/99 - Holocaust survivor shares his experiences at ACU (ARN link)


1/25/99- ACU to conduct "Clear Choices" campaign this week to help students focus on relationships, health, life
1/21/99 - Local colleges and universities feed local economy (ARN link)
1/21/99 - Economic conference scheduled for Feb. 10 (ARNlink)
1/20/99 - King not the only dreamer, Childers tells ACU (ARNlink)
1/20/99 - King showed unity in diversity is our true strength (ARN link - column by Anthony Williams)
1/18/99- Dr. Charles Nelson to present life's work to ACU's Brown Library and other special friends
1/17/99 - Childers to speak for MLK Day (ARN link)
1/15/99 - Texas Monthly to feature ACU gift (ARN link)
1/14/99 - Jayson Leving attends ACU at 14 (ARN link)
1/14/99 - ACU Wildcats help CMN (ARN link)
1/12/99 - ACU writers glean awards (ARN link)
1/8/99 - ACU readies for spring semester (ARN link)
1/8/99- Survey studies map out Abilene's past
1/6/99- ACU musicians to inaugurate spring semester with concert
1/6/99 - Recent ACU grad wins state writing contest
1/5/99- Students returning, preparations underway forstart of 1999 spring semester at ACU
1/5/99 - 14-year-old Jayson Leving prepares to start his second semester at ACU
1/5/99- ACU's Brown Library adds two new congressional databases
1/5/99 - U.S. Geological Survey Library gives ACU library near complete set of Texas topographic maps
1/4/99 - Register now for After School Reading Program
1/4/99 - Former Texas Psychological Association president to speak at ACU
1/4/99 - University notes
1/4/99 - Lunch seminar to serve as start-up of local chapter of Texas Association for Marriage and Family Therapists
1/4/99 - ACU debate team ranks high nationally
1/4/99- ACU computer science teams top South Central division of Association for Computing Machines