ACU student letter to be published in Dec. 6 issue of U.S. World & News Report

For Immediate Release
Dec. 2, 1999

In an Abilene Christian University class to foster opinion writing, Dr. Charlie Marler, professor of journalism and mass communication, encouraged his students to analyze their thoughts, form their opinions and take a firm stand when appropriate.

Barrett Koczkur, junior journalism major from Rochester Hills, Mich., did just that - and the result will be a letter by Koczkur published in the Dec. 6 issue of U.S. World & News Report.

The letter is a response to a USWNR piece written by Jeffery L. Sheler.

"I actually enjoyed Sheler's piece because it gave some evidence toward the historical accuracy of Scripture," Koczkur said. "However, underlying that evidence seemed to lurk the idea that the Bible is little more than a history book. God's word is much more powerful, and I wanted to help people see that."

In his letter, Koczkur stated:

Jeffery L. Sheler's piece, "Is the Bible True?" intrigued me, but I resent how modern society continually questions the historical accuracy of Scripture.

Just as Copernicus overturned the church-sanctioned view of Earth as the center of the universe, so may science some day overturn Darwinism. The word of God has survived attacks for thousands of years; as far as I'm concerned, atheistic Darwinism has barely been tested. Furthermore, the truth the Bible offers does not rest on archeological discoveries.

Think of the impact the command, "Love your neighbor as yourself," has had on the world. Do we really need science to prove the validity of this book?

When sending his letter to USWNR, Koczkur said he was confident editors would take notice.

"I learned a lot from Dr. Marler's Opinion Writing class about how to write an effective piece," he said. "Also, I felt I offered a unique viewpoint as a student at a Christian university."

With action and result fresh on his mind, Koczkur said he has learned more people will listen to his opinion than he imagined.

"Words are powerful," he said. "There's no telling what kind of impact a simple letter can have on people. That's why we need to express our viewpoints openly."

Koczkur said this experience has taught him the ability to express one's opinion is a critical characteristic for a Christian in the modern world.

"This proves that Christians can make their voices heard in this ever-changing world," he said. "Now there is no excuse to sit and watch passively."


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