ACU's Brown Library receives textbooks from colleague of Einstein

For Immediate Release
September 3, 1999

One of the top American physicists and colleague of Albert Einstein, John A. Wheeler, retired physicist from Princeton University, donated a portion of his collection of physics books to the Brown Library at Abilene Christian University.

The donation, a total of 208 books, will be on display in the library starting in November and continuing through January. All visitors to the Brown Library can have access to this display.

According to Harper, ACU receives many generous gifts.

"Some of these gifts we pursue, while others just seem to come from the sky," she said.

This collection of books did "come out of the sky." Along with the books, the library also received part of the "Collected Papers" of Einstein and Neils Bohr, another famous physicist.

Dr. Wheeler chose ACU because "(ACU) has a serious program in physics."

Before he taught at Princeton, he taught 10 years at the University of Texas at Austin. Dr. Wheeler worked with and lived near Einstein in the last years of Einstein's life.

"For Wheeler to think highly enough of our program to donate these books is quite an honor," Dr. Paul Morris, professor of physics, said.

According to Morris, who researches the history and philosophy of physics, the books have enormous historical value.

"These books are the entire writings of Albert Einstein and they mainly serve as a historical document that is now available to students to use," Morris said.


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