American, British, Russian professionals to conduct evangelism conference at ACU

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May 19, 1999

Russian Law and Culture: Impact on Evangelism will be conducted May 28--29, 1999, in Room 114 of ACU's College of Biblical Studies building.

The keynote speakers are Lawrence Uzzel, director of the Keston Institute of Oxford, England; Ekaterina Smyslova, a Moscow attorney; and Joel Nichols, an Atlanta lawyer.

Uzzel has served as the director of Keston's Moscow office for seven years and is also a registered journalist whose writings have appeared in major news media. Smyslova has worked closely with missionaries in Russia in complying with the law, and Nichols has a deep background in the issues of discussion. Missionaries, missions educators, historians, and missionaries in Russia also will be participating.

Gwynneth Curtis, missions consultant at ACU, has organized this event to learn more about and to discuss critical issues involving Russian law and culture. Those encouraged to attend include current and prospective missionaries to Russia, churches sponsoring Russian missionaries, anyone interested in taking the gospel to Russia or supporting those who do, and those interested in learning about Russian history, culture and law.

To register for this conference, call Gwynneth Curtis at 674-3756.

Russian Law and Culture: Impact on Evangelism



  • Devotional and Prayer
  • Welcome -- Dr. Royce Money, president, Abilene Christian University
  • Introduction of Keynote Speakers:
    • Lawrence Uzzell, director, Keston Institute, Oxford, England
    • Yekaterina Smyslova, attorney, Moscow, Russia
    • Joel Nichols, attorney, Atlanta, Ga.
  • Who's here? -- Introduction of conference attendees
  • "An Overview of Russian History" Dr. Arlie Hoover, history professor, ACU
  • "Russian Evangelical Awakenings" Wesley Jones, World Christian Broadcasting, Nashville, Tenn.
  • Keynote speakers:
    • "Summary of the Russian Law and How it Affects Religious Liberty" -- Joel Nichols
    • "Status of Various Religious Confessions in Light of the Law" -- Lawrence Uzzell
    • "Current Political Situation in Relation to the Law" -- Ykaterina Smyslovoa
  • Lunch Break -- Noon


  • "The Russian Mind" -- Roger Chapman, former missionary to St. Petersburg, Russia
  • "Incarnational Missions" -- Dr. Gailyn VanRheenen, ACU missions faculty
  • "Russia's Soul: Before I Go, I Want to Know" -- Dr. Prentice Meador, Prestoncrest Church of Christ, Dallas
  • "Literature and the Arts: Keys to Russian Character" -- Dr. Darryl Tippens, ACU English faculty in collaboration with Alexi Nelayev and Oleg Kryuchik, ACU students from Ukraine
  • "Co-workers, Not Missionaries" -- Dr. David Worley, Institute for Christian Studies, Austin
  • Dinner Break -- 5:30 p.m.

FRIDAY EVENING -- 6:30 p.m.

  • Keynote Speakers
    • "Theological Reasons Behind the Law"
    • "The Law's Encounter with Missiological Foundations"
    • "How Can They Hear, If WE Don't Listen?"
  • Will Banister, former missionary to Rostov-on-Don, Russia, and Rob Browne, former missionary to Barnaul, Siberia, summarize and share Russian thoughts from cyberspace.
  • "Imposing the American Worship Template" A paper by Wesley Jones, Nashville, Tenn.
  • "Night Owl Session" Web site demonstration, browsing through resource material, informal visits


  • Devotional/Prayer
  • "A Vicarious Guest" Clay Whidden, missionary, Rostov-on-Don, Russia
  • "Where Do We Go From Here?" -- Keynote Speakers
  • "Swap Shop"
  • Open Forum involving attendees with something to share: book reviews, discussion of resouce materials, reports, new ideas, needs


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