ACU counselors offer tips for surviving finals, beating stress

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Dec. 7, 2001

With the approach of final examinations, stress is in the air at many local colleges and universities, but at Abilene Christian University, counselors are on hand with advice for students during the next week.

The best way to avoid stress is to begin the semester with good time management, said Steve Allison, assistant professor of psychology and director of the University Counseling Center. But those students who come to finals week and begin to feel weighed down just need to keep things in perspective.

"Most people don't just walk into their finals and fall apart and lose all their academic ability," Allison said.

Allison also suggests that students evaluate their standing in each of their classes, so to be better able to put in extra effort where it is needed.

In addition, Heidi Morris, counselor at the University Counseling Center, suggests that students plan their schedule for finals week, and set certain study times for specific finals, as well as take small breaks.

Allison says that studying, getting extra sleep, eating healthy and exercising are incredibly important during finals week, but not as important as staying connected with God.

"Your relationship with God is your primary stress manager in life," Allison said.


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