ACU closes school for snow and ice for first time in history

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Nov. 29, 2001

Abilene Christian University classes and offices closed down Wednesday because of snow and icy roadways for the first time in the school's 95-year history, according to ACU historians.

Because ACU is a residential campus, generally the campus remains open if at all possible, and initially, that was the plan for Wednesday.

Before 6 a.m., administrators reviewed the weather forecast and considered whether to cancel classes and close offices. At first, the decision was made to continue classes as usual.

"Given the number of exams, papers and projects that are scheduled this time of year, canceling a class can be a burden to both students and faculty," said ACU provost Dr. Dwayne VanRheenen.

However, as the morning progressed, weather reports showed the situation to be more severe.

"Safety is always a priority when making decisions," VanRheenen said. "It became obvious that classes should be canceled and offices closed."

With that decision, ACU students this semester became part of history - ACU's first "snow day."

Dr. John Stevens, chancellor emeritus, professor emeritus of history and former president of the university, called Wednesday "a new deal for this school."

"Perhaps we could reason that since practically every student finds it necessary to miss class once in a while, this simply coordinates schedules so that all students miss on the same day," Stevens said.


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