ACU announces a new program for missionary apprentices

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Oct. 9, 2001

ACU students interested in "Changing the World" now have another opportunity to do just that.

On Oct. 9, Abilene Christian University's Institute for Missions and Evangelism announced the formation of a new program, WorldWide Witness, to train and recruit missionaries.

Through the program, students will receive experience to complement their academic education and learn about missions by assisting experienced missionaries in the field. Students from all majors are encouraged to participate.

Students may either participate as interns for six to 10 weeks during the summer or serve as a missionary apprentice. An apprenticeship, which can last for either six or 18 months, will allow enough time for students to become proficient in a foreign language and become accustomed to another culture and the people in it, from which they may gain the confidence to commit to longer missionary work.

"There is a difference between learning about missions in the classroom and actually dealing with people and the problems they face," said Wimon Walker, director of WorldWide Witness and instructor in the department of Bible, Missions and Ministry at ACU.

"As students go through a career, they will be living in various places and interacting with many different types of people. Having participated in WorldWide Witness and undergone these experiences in the mission field will better equip students to deal with experiences in the world," Walker said.Oct. 17; juniors after Oct. 22; sophomores after Oct. 24; and freshmen after Oct. 30.


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