11th annual Walk with Money set to raise $11,000 for scholarships

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Sept. 4, 2001

On Sept. 15, ACU president Royce Money will set out for a morning walk around campus. But Money will be accompanied by scores of ACU friends and family, and this walk will benefit more than Money's health and aerobic strength.

The 11th annual Walk with Money will raise scholarships for ACU students through Women for ACU as ACU faculty, staff, students and friends walk with Money and his wife, Pam, for donations and pledges.

This year Walk with Money will begin at 9 a.m. Sept. 15. The walkers will start their trek at the WACU Jennings House Museum at the corner of Campus Court and E.N. 16th. The group will walk north on Campus Court to Elmer Gray Stadium, lap the track at Elmer Gray, then walk back to the museum for a continental breakfast.

Participants have collected pledges and donations for their walk around the perimeter of the campus. All the money raised will go to support 10 WACU scholarships the group awards every year.

Others can join the walk simply by showing up at the WACU Jennings House Museum at 9 a.m. Saturday. WACU hopes to raise $11,000 through the 11th annual walk.

People interested in participating should call 915-674-2843.


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