ACU students to be greeted by 25 new faculty members as opening session kicks off 96th school year

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August 21, 2001

As students return to Abilene Christian University for the fall semester, 25 new faculty members will be in place, ready for the new academic year.

On Monday, ACU's Opening Session will kick off the 96th school year. Opening Session is Aug. 27 at 11 a.m. in Moody Coliseum. Don Crisp, chairman of ACU's Board of Trustees, will be the featured speaker.

The traditional highlight of Opening Session will be the Parade of Flags and the Ceremony of Allegiance. More than 100 flags from across the United States and around the world will be featured in the ceremony, representing the states and countries of ACU students, faculty and staff.

New Faculty

The 25 new faculty members represent a new and exciting variety of experiences and backgrounds, said Dr. Dwayne VanRheenen, ACU provost.

"Some are newly minted doctors and join us as instructors and assistant professors. Others join us with many years of experience in higher education," VanRheenen said. "They have lived and worked in every region of the United States and in several foreign countries. All are Christian scholars committed to the mission of ACU. We look forward to working with these new colleagues."

Raye Lakey, director of faculty development and instructional development, said that the new faculty members bring a unique blend of ACU experience and experience in their disciplines. About 75 percent have experience at ACU as a student or employee, and half elected to come to ACU from research, private practice or industry.

"Their current experience from a variety of disciplines enriches the teaching and learning process for our students," Lakey said.

In addition, this group of new faculty comes with a special sense of energy and purpose.

"This new faculty cohort is especially cohesive and enthusiastic about teaching at ACU," Lakey said. "Our students will be blessed by the eagerness of these new faculty to adopt the ACU faculty mission of 'teaching as a calling from God and a ministry for Christ.'"

Abilene Christian University
New Faculty Additions o Fall 2001

Alan Beach, Associate Professor of Social Work
Joni Beach, Assistant Professor of Family and Consumer Sciences
Brenda Bender, Instructor of Communication Disorders (Spring 2002)
Peter Bradley, Assistant Professor of Marriage and Family Therapy
Laura Bolin Carroll, Instructor of English (Spring 2002)
William M. Carroll , Instructor of Academic Advance
Vickie Cardot, Instructor of Sign Language
Nancy Clinard, Instructor of Academic Advance
Mark Cullum, Instructor of Honors Studies and History
Sally Gary, Instructor of Communication and Director of Forensics
Lloyd Goldsmith, Assistant Professor of Education
Jennifer Ham, Instructor of Student Success
Myra Holmans, Instructor of Education
Stephen Johnson, Assistant Professor of Bible, Missions, and Ministry
Mark Love, Assistant Professor of Ministry, Graduate School of Theology, and Director of Ministry Events
Cynthia Powell, Instructor of Chemistry
Brent Reeves, Assistant Professor of Management Sciences
C. Ray Russell, Professor of Computer Science and Director of the Computer Science Program
Natalie Steele, Visiting Instructor of Music
Rusty Towell, Assistant Professor of Physics
David Wright, Assistant Professor of Management Sciences
Odies Wright, Instructor of Exercise Science and Health
Debbe Lee Schuster, Assistant Professor of Nursing, Abilene Intercollegiate School of Nursing
Lee Richard, Professor of Nursing and BSN Director, Abilene Intercollegiate School of Nursing
Sandra Swick, Assistant Professor of Nursing, Abilene Intercollegiate School of Nursing

In addition, ten faculty members received doctoral degrees in the past year.

Abilene Christian University

New Doctorates for ACU faculty o Fall 2001

Fred Aquino - Ph.D. in Religious Studies from Southern Methodist University, Assistant Professor of Theology

Mimi Barnard - Ed.D. in Higher Education (Administration) from University of North Texas, Assistant Professor of English

Jackie Halstead - Ph.D. in Marriage and Family Therapy from Iowa State University, Assistant Professor of Marriage and Family Therapy

Dana Hood - Ph.D. in Education from University of Texas, Austin, Assistant Professor of Education

Bill Rankin - Ph.D. in English from the University of Minnesota, Assistant Professor of English

Jeanene Reese - D.Min. in Ministry from ACU, Assistant Professor of Bible, Ministry and Missions

Jan Noles - Ph.D. from University of Texas Health Sciences Center, San Antonio, Assistant Professor at AISN

Debbe Schuster - Ph.D. from the University of Arizona, Assistant Professor at AISN

Scott Stovall - Ph.D from the University of North Texas, Assistant Professor of Accounting

Sandra Swick - Ed.D. from Texas Technological University, Assistant Professor at AISN


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