First rings to be presented tonight for ACU's new single ring tradition

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May 3, 2001

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In the spirit of collegiate tradition, the Alumni Association at Abilene Christian University will present the first class of official ACU rings tonight for what is anticipated to be one of the school's most cherished traditions.

The official ring ceremony will take place tonight (Thursday, May 3) at 7:30 p.m. in the Teague Special Events Center on campus. Eligible students who have opted to a buy an ACU ring will be presented their ring and charged with keeping the traditions and spirit of ACU strong throughout their lives.

Dr. Royce Money, ACU president, will present each recipient his or her ring.

Now with only one ring design available for qualifying students and alumni, the official ring embodies the story and spirit of ACU and is destined to become the most visible emblem of honor and achievement among ACU students and alumni, said Amber Peck, coordinator of alumni outreach.

Students are eligible to order a ring after successfully completing 60 hours of coursework. 

"It's not simply a ring … it's relationships. It's not just a piece of jewelry … it's a visible symbol of an experience that changes your life," Peck said. "It's a chance to take a piece of your treasured times at ACU with you when you go."

While classes have adopted single ring designs in the past, ACU has never had an exclusive ring design. Peck said now, with one official ring design, the goal is to create a lasting symbol that will immediately identify all graduates of Abilene Christian University.

Each element on the sides and top of the ring represent unique parts of ACU's identity.

Etched on one side of the ring, the Hardin Administration and Biblical Studies buildings represent the integration of faith and learning to old and new generations, Peck said. Likewise, the steps of both the Ad Building and Beauchamp Amphitheater have come to symbolize the long-standing traditions of Tuesday Night Devotionals and a cappella singing.

"The title of the song, 'The Lord Bless You and Keep You,' is engraved on the steps as a reminder of the much-loved hymn sung at the conclusion of major events such as Sing Song and Opening Chapel," Peck said. Also on that side of the ring, the living flame signifies the spirit of the university intertwined with the eternal spirit of God.

On the other side, the wildcat symbolizes a tradition of championship athletics. In 1919, the students who raised the most money to purchase land for an athletic field chose the wildcat to serve as our official mascot.

Below the wildcat, the Lone Star represents the state of Texas, along with the words in ACU's school song, "like stars shining brightly above you." The stars signify ACU's 82,000 alumni living in 109 countries around the world, Peck said.

Also, the class year is engraved on each ring to recognize each student's unique ACU experience.


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