Crisis management expert speaks on prevention

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March 30, 2001

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Dr. Larry Winn, a noted author, speaker and consultant, spoke to a room full of students about preventative crisis management Friday, March 30, his second of two presentations on crisis management.

He focused on the effect leaders in organizations have in causing or preventing crisis, emphasizing the important of preparation.

"Crisis preparation is knowing where the flashlights are in advance and making sure they have batteries in them," Winn said.

A leader's definition of crisis management has implications on how he will lead, manage and respond to crisis, Winn said.

Winn's defines crisis management as the process of minimizing the chance of a crisis and maximizing the chance of a successful resolution if a crisis occurs.

Crisis management is not just responding to a crisis when it happens, it's taking daily precautions to prevent a crisis.

Staying aligned with the environment, adapting and changing with it instead of veering from it, is the best way to prevent crisis, Winn said.

"You can get so far down the wrong road that you can't get back in time to prevent the crisis," Winn said.


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