ACU creates Center for Conflict Resolution

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Feb. 27, 2001

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Abilene Christian University has established the Center for Conflict Resolution naming Joe Cope as the executive director. Cope is an attorney and former executive director of the ACU Foundation.

The mission of ACU's Center for Conflict Resolution is to equip and support Christians for leadership and service in peacemaking in their churches, families, communities and professions.

"Peacemaking is a life-style approved by God and one that we who seek to further His kingdom should pursue," said Dr. Royce Money, ACU president. "I am pleased to announce the establishment of the Center for Conflict Resolution at Abilene Christian University. The Center will focus the University's efforts in enabling individuals to recognize and resolve conflict from a faith-based perspective."

The center houses educational programs and instructional resources on conflict management and mediation, serves as an information clearinghouse on faith-based approaches to peacemaking and offers referrals for mediation and training assistance for churches, individuals and organizations.

Money said the Center will serve in the following ways:

  • By preparing students through the Certificate Program in Conflict Mediation offered through the ACU Graduate School. The Graduate Certificate in Conflict Mediation was launched in the fall semester of 1999.
  • By offering mediation services to churches, individuals, families, schools, businesses, and communities and networking with Christian mediators.
  • By developing "Curriculum and Teaching Resources" for use in churches, businesses, schools, and other organizations. Written materials, videotapes, compact discs and internet resources will be made available to assist in not only teaching conflict resolution, but also in its practice.
  • By hosting national and regional conferences and seminars featuring widely respected men and women with vast experience in conflict resolution.
  • By finding innovative ways to impact the entire undergraduate population of ACU with services like the Campus Conflict Center which is opening this semester.

In the next three years, the center plans to implement new programs and activities in addition to current offerings like the annual conference on faith-based conflict resolution held in Dallas each year and the 15-hour graduate certificate in conflict mediation with programs in Dallas and Abilene.

The Center for Conflict Resolution at ACU sprung from interest among ACU faculty members and trustees including Dr. Jerry Strader, Dub Orr, Dr. Charles Siburt, Dr. Carley Dodd, Dr. Robert McKelvain, Dr. Joe Cardot, and Dr. Paul Lakey.

"Recently, through the leadership of Dr. Angela Brenton, dean of the Graduate School and assistant provost for research and service, and the generous gifts provided by Dr. and Mrs. Strader to test the Center's viability, the Center has become a reality," Money said.

Contact information for the Center includes telephone 915-674-2015, email and Web site


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