ACU's Class of 1950 gives advice to Class of 2000

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April 25, 2000


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ABILENE, Texas - Abilene Christian University's Class of 1950 celebrated its Golden Anniversary in the spring of 2000. After World War II, they were the first class to come home and flood ACU with veterans - and they were the first class to graduate four years after World War II in 1950.

The Class of 1950 also was the first class to celebrate its Golden Anniversary in the new century. During that anniversary, members of the ACU's Class of 1950 were asked for advice - pearls of wisdom - for the Class of 2000, the first graduating class of the new century.

"When you look at the Class of 1950, you are looking at people who have experienced an incredibly lot … the experiences of a world war, graduating from college as America entered the fabulous 1950s and the growth and development of new ways of life through the 1970s, 1980s and 1990s," said Jama Fry, coordinator of the Class of 1950 golden anniversary at ACU.

"These people who are now in their 70s are better suited than most to share what they have learned from life," Fry said.

Some of those pearls of wisdom include:

  • "Put God first and all else will logically follow - spiritual and temporal. 'Seek ye first...' You can't out-give God in anyway." - Clyde Barber Jr.
  • "Try to make the world a better place. Read widely, listen to the elders that you respect, set high goals, work hard, love and trust others as you would like to be treated, love God, and be active in the church." - Bobbye (Alexander) Behlau
  • "Hang in for the long run." - Robert Bond
  • "Apply the 'Golden Rule' - it works in every situation." - Robert "Bob" Branch
  • "Learn all you can, grow as much spiritually as possible. This is such a fun time of your life. Don't waste a day!" - LaJauna (Payne) Bryan
  • "Don't let money and things become your God. Find a job you enjoy that gives you enough to live on and time to spend with your family both your's and God's." - William "Bill" Clovis II
  • "Enjoy the time that you spend at ACU and cherish the friends that you have made. Inhale deeply of the knowledge imparted and make it a part of your life. Believe it or not, you will remember Chapel attendance fondly." - Mary Jo "Jody" (Carter) Decker
  • "Live your Christian faith. Be selfless, gracious and caring." - Wanda (Abston) Derr
  • "Put your faith in God and never give up - never give up." - Bill Fling
  • "In a culture where 'truth' is relative, hold fast to the fundamentals: God's sovereignty, the Lordship of Christ, and the inspiration of the scripture." - Jo Ann (Williamson) Gibbs
  • "Give your children a Christian education." - Bessie Hamlin
  • "Learn what needs to be done and do it!" - J. B. Harrington
  • "Christian colleges are worth the expense, and love is abundant." - Edith (Fox) Hicks
  • "Love God and all people, work with joy in God's kingdom, help turn our country back to decency and hard work and smaller government to aid in bringing more people to God." - Alma (Walker) Horn
  • "A good education prepares you for life, a Christian education prepares you for eternity." - Wanda (Dennis) Kenerson
  • "Choose your mate carefully and realize it's for life. You will more fully appreciate your ACU experience as you grow older. You make friendships for a lifetime." - Harold Lipford
  • "Use your talents in God's service." - William Lowe
  • "Stay involved in ACU activities!" - Wilma (Russell) Marshall
  • "Count your blessings. Enjoy each day and stage of life where you are. By being prepared you can recognize and accept opportunities." - Joyce (Ayer) McMurray
  • "You are only in the making, stay on course." - Paul Moffitt
  • "Stick to it!" - Howard "Lynn" Packer
  • "Keep on learning and growing in Christ." - George "Bill" Patterson
  • "Don't be afraid to work. Best way to kill time - work it to death." - Dick Qualls
  • "Hoe your row to the end." - Jimmie Rasor
  • "If married, stay married - work at it. Stay in college - it's easier now than later. Love the Lord and rely on Him." - Dewby Ray
  • "NEVER, NEVER, NEVER give up on the Lord nor your dreams." - Grady Reese
  • "Study hard, read a lot and keep the faith no matter what." - Kenneth Rich
  • "Try to make the world a better place for future generations." - Brockie (McCasland) Richmond
  • "Study, study, study and stick to it." - Joseph Snyder
  • "Try to reach our 50 years. The world is wide open, dream your dreams, turn them into success." - Fred Waddell
  • "Only one life, it will soon be passed. Only what's done for Christ will last." - W. Howard Waldrip
  • "Stay near to the Lord in life, attitude, commitment and service." - Robert "Tex" Williams
  • "Set your priorities, putting God first, and never forget that He and Christ are the ultimate authorities for all of life." - Loma (Buchanan) Wynn

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