Dr. Ervin Seamster calls for holiness as key to spiritual growth

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Feb. 29, 2000

The 82nd annual Abilene Christian University Bible Lectureship came to a close Feb. 23 with Dr. Ervin Seamster's lecture focusing on holiness as the passion for spiritual growth.

Seamster, special consultant to ACU president Dr. Royce Money and pulpit minister for the Light of the World Church of Christ in Dallas, threaded four themes regarding holiness into his lecture: the call to holiness, the cause of holiness, the road to holiness and the rewards of holiness.

Holiness in scripture is a lifestyle, he said. It's the call to "put off your old self, which is corrupted by evil desires … and put on the new self, created to be like God," according to Ephesians 4:22.

Seamster referred to this call to holiness as godly living in the present age. His focus verse was I Peter 1:16, "Be holy because I am holy." He said the goal of a believer's life is a lifestyle in accordance with who God is.

Holiness is the dominant attribute of God, the centerpiece of who God is, Seamster said. "God is holy in love; he is holy in forgiveness; he is holy in power. Just as God is holy in everything he does, Christians should be holy in everything they do."

Moses, in Exodus 15:11, can't find any god to compare to God's majestic holiness, Seamster said. "I can't get excited about a god that you purchase, I can only get excited about a God that can purchase me."

Holiness is something God had in mind when he saved us, Seamster said.

Again Seamster placed importance on holiness as a lifestyle, not a list of rules to follow. Lists are ineffective because they are too short, too difficult to follow or don't point in the right direction, he said. Seamster gave four ways to pursue holiness.

In Philippians, Paul urges Christians to think on pure, noble and true things. Holiness starts in the heart, Seamster said, and preparing the mind is the way to affect the heart.

Actions need to conform to the mind; it's not enough to just think on pure things. The mind needs to be a springboard for all actions.

To achieve a holy lifestyle, company is important, he said. The people to spend time with are the ones moving towards holiness.

Finally, Seamster said, Christians should dedicate their actions to Christ.

"Will he accept it?" Seamster queried. "If Christ won't accept an action, it isn't the right one."

Seamster mentioned many rewards of holiness. One reward is a pure heart.

"The pure in heart see God.," he said. Holiness also enables Christians to do any good work, according to II Timothy 2:21. Holiness produces joy, "a joy the world can't give and the world can't take away."


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