Long-term investment returns will provide stability in funding for both scholarships and operational needs. These endowments will allow ACU Athletics to continue to attract the quality coaching staff needed to maintain nationally competitive programs and to impact the lives of the young men and women in our programs. For every $1,000,000 raised in new endowment, the program receives approximately $45,000/annually in earnings off of those endowment funds. It is our goal to secure $4,000,000 in new scholarship endowments and $2,000,000 in athletic endowments for coaching excellence over the next five years to bring total athletic endowments to approximately $16,000,000.

Through the generosity of ACU donors, 69 athletic endowments have been established to aid student-athletes in their pursuit of a degree. Over the course of the campaign, we will solicit additional support for existing endowments, as well as new endowments to honor and recognize individuals who have made a significant impact on ACU and Wildcat athletics.

Endowed Athletics Scholarships

General Athletics (11)

Football (24)

Baseball (11)

Men’s Basketball (6)

Women’s Basketball (2)

Golf (6)

Tennis (6)

Track and Field (2)

Softball (1)