A New Era in ACU Athletics history begins

On July 1, a new chapter in the long and glorious history of ACU athletics was written when it moved up to NCAA Division I affiliation and joined the Southland Conference. This move provides a magnificent opportunity for ACU to better align its athletics program with the overall mission and vision for the university at large. As with any change of this size and scope, ACU faces certain challenges that must be met head-on. But we also believe the alignment of academic priorities afforded by this change in affiliation will propel ACU and its athletics program to a new level in the years ahead.

Even in change, our goals for ACU athletics will not waiver. We will continue to strive for highly competitive programs, while delivering a quality education and, ultimately, a degree for our student-athletes with an intentional focus on spiritual and personal development. We remain confident in our ability to provide one of the most unique student-athlete experiences in collegiate athletics. Our promise to incoming student-athletes is to put them in an environment that will expose them to what a relationship with Jesus Christ can mean in their lives, and will also show them the spiritual gifts they have been given and the ways they can uniquely impact their homes, communities and world.

A process of this magnitude will require a significant amount of support and “teamwork.” I’d like to thank those of you who have already played such an integral part in launching this new era of ACU athletics. We could not embark on this journey without you. You are the people who have laid the groundwork for the Push to 2017 campaign, but work still remains.

The Push to 2017 campaign will seek to grow our active donor base to 2,017 members by 2017—the first year in which ACU will be postseason eligible at the NCAA Division I level. Throughout this Web site you can find additional details about our current transition and strategy moving forward, and we invite you to share this with your friends, fellow ACU alumni, and other Wildcat lettermen.

Give To PUSH 2017

Over the years ACU has established a unique intercollegiate athletics environment by working to provide the resources needed for each of our 16 programs. This Web site outlines details related to a comprehensive athletics fundraising strategy – Push to 2017 – that will span a period of five years ending May 31, 2017. We want to engage alumni, friends and donors of ACU during this time to ensure a successful transition and push towards successful athletic programs and opportunities for postseason competition in 2017—the year we become an active member of Division I. This strategy addresses funding needs and priorities in the following key areas:

From around the world, ACU’s thousands of alumni and other friends have chosen to invest in the life-changing experience we provide our 380 student-athletes each year. Their generosity helps make it possible for these talented young people to earn a quality degree from Abilene Christian, hear God’s call for their lives, and learn how to make a real difference in their families, communities and the world. Join them today!

Here's how you can help:
Personal Gifts:
  1. Give online

  2. Give by mail
  3. Give by phone
    • Call Sandra Stevens at 325-674-2612 or toll free at 800-588-1514
  4. The ACU Foundation
    • The ACU Foundation specializes in gifts of real estate, mineral interests and other objects, as well as gifts made through wills, trusts, annuities, estates and insurance.

Other types of gifts:
As you read through the Web site and research our needs, we would ask that you prayerfully search your heart for the best ways that you can help us reach our goals.