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Following are tips to help you make the most of your Active Learning experience (choose one):

For the Classroom
For the Online Course

For the Classroom:

  • Plan ahead, considering amount of time to allow for the activity, logistics involved in grouping or pairing students, and careful wording of instructions.

  • Assign reasonable, yet tight time allotment for each aspect of the learning experience.

  • Move quickly from one phase of the activity to the next, i.e., from the setup and instructions to the student processing to the reporting.

  • Watch the time and announce "2-minute warning" or other intervals appropriate to the length of the activity.

  • Give clear and specific instructions, providing printed instructions for each student, when appropriate, and going over them in class.

  • Put time limits on feedback reports and make the feedback process efficient. Appoint roles or ask for volunteers for group recorder, reporter, etc.

  • Hold students accountable for out-of-class assignments and preparation so they're ready to contribute to the activity during class.

  • Conduct group work during class time as much as possible so you can facilitate.

  • Use a variety of Active Learning strategies and avoid patterns that become ruts, such as repeating an activity every class period.


For the Online Course:

  • Give very clear and specific instructions.

  • Allow time for asynchronous interaction, taking into account students in varying time zones.

  • Be specific about deadlines for feedback, including the date, time of day, and time zone.

  • Take advantage of the diverse options for interacting electronically, i.e., email, threaded discussion, attachments, class folders and drop boxes.


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