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Q: Does it take more time for teachers to prepare Active Learning experiences than to lecture?

A: Teachers say that preparation time for Active Learning strategies is greater than preparation time for lectures.However, Active Learning strategies help the teacher see how well all students are achieving learning goals. The outcome is worth the additional preparation.

Q: Does it take more class time to cover the material using Active Learning strategies?

A: Active Learning strategies can require more class time than lecturing over content. However, Active Learning usually results in students working harder outside class to prepare for in-class activities. Students learn through a variety of sources and rely less on the teacher to give them everything they need to know.

Q: Does more learning take place when Active Learning strategies are used in teaching?

A: Students claim that they learn more when they are involved in Active Learning strategies, because they are engaged in talking, interacting, and learning from other students in addition to learning from the teacher.

Q: How does the teacher keep students "on task?"

A: Keep students on task by giving specific instructions, allowing enough but not excessive time for the activity, and facilitating during the activity.

Q: Do Active Learning strategies apply to all disciplines?

A: Active Learning strategies can be used in all disciplines, though particular strategies prove to be more appropriate and effective with some disciplines.

Q: How do classroom furnishing and layout affect the use of Active Learning strategies?

A: Many Active Learning strategies require group interaction. For groups, adaptive classroom environments with movable chairs and tables work better than fixed seats and tables. See Mel Silberman's "Ten Layouts for Setting Up a Classroom." (Silberman p 9)

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Q & A

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