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Strategies for the Classroom

Active Learning Online demonstrates a variety of Active Learning strategies ranging from simple to complex intellectual processing, varying in preparation and implementation time.

To help users identify a strategy for a specific learning goal, this site categorizes Active Learning strategies according to the complexity of cognitive processing involved.

Comprehension Strategies
Introducing new concepts, checking students' comprehension, reviewing content previously covered

Application Strategies
applying new principles, implementing procedures, exploring new approaches to familiar content

Problem Solving Strategies
Solving problems, making evaluative decisions, creating new approaches

Most classroom strategies include these features:

Description of the strategy and cross reference to Active Learning: 101 Strategies by Mel Silberman

Video demonstration

Tips and variations for implementing the strategy

Pre-Class Planning Form (PDF to print) for teacher's planning and use in class

Post-Class Summary Form (PDF to print) for teacher's portfolio or course records

Codes for amount of class time for implementing strategy:

Quarter clock

Quarter clock face = 15 minutes or less

Half clock

Half clock face = 20-35 minutes

Whole clock

Whole clock face = 50 minutes or more


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Tips for using Active Learning

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