Dr. Dr. Larry Isenhower

Dr. Larry Isenhower

Assistant Professor

Department of Engineering and Physics

    (325) 674-6326


  • PhD, University of Wisconsin - Madison, Physics, 2010
  • BS, Abilene Christian University, 2005

Expertise and Repertoire

  • lasers, optics, analog feedback circuits, ultra-stable lasers, quantum computing

Books and Publications

  • Maller, K., Lichtman, M., Xia, T., Sun, Y., Piotrowicz, M., Carr, A., Isenhower, L., & Saffman, M. Rydberg-blockade controlled-not gate and entanglement in a two-dimensional array of neutral-atom qubits, Physical Review A
  • Isenhower, L., Urban, E., Zhang, X., Gill, A., Henage, T., Johnson, T., Walker, T., & Saffman, M. (2010) Demonstration of a Neutral Atom Controlled-NOT Quantum Gate, Phys. Rev. A
  • Zhang, X., Isenhower, L., Gill, A., Walker, T., & Saffman, M. (2010) Deterministic entanglement of two neutral atoms via Rydberg blockade, Phys. Rev. A
  • Isenhower, L., Saffman, M., & Mølmer, K. (2011) Multibit CkNOT quantum gates via Rydberg blockade, Quant. Inf. Proc.
  • Urban, E., Johnson, T., Henage, T., Isenhower, L., Yavuz, D., Walker, T., & Saffman, M. (2009) Observation of Rydberg blockade between two atoms, MACMILLAN BUILDING, 4 CRINAN ST, LONDON N1 9XW, ENGLAND , Nat. Phys.

Scholarly Presentations

  • Isenhwoer, L. (2012) Towards quantum computing with Rydberg atoms, Division of Atomic Molecular and Optical Physics, 2012