Quest Event application

Students wanting to start a small group or host a one-time spiritual formation event for Quest credit:

  1. Secure a Faculty or Staff member who is willing to partner with you as the sponsor for your event(s). Only a faculty or staff member, as your agreed-upon sponsor, should complete the Quest application. Please ask your faculty or staff sponsor to complete the Quest application to begin the process.
  2. All events must be submitted 5 business days prior to the event requested to allow for processing and training.
  3. Please do not promise or advertise credit for an event until you have received confirmation of approval from your sponsor. The Spiritual Formation/Chapel Office cannot make exceptions to this process.

Faculty/Staff sponsors of Quest events:

  1. The Quest name for spiritual formation events is designed to connect with the idea that we are all on a spiritual journey, a quest. These options offered are to help students to seek and find meaningful ways in which to connect to God, Christian community, spiritual practices, service and calling.
  2. Click here to request credit for the spiritual formation events or small group chapels you sponsor with or for students.
  3. For assistance completing this application, contact the Jared Hodges, the Coordinator for Spiritual Formation Events at 325-674-6469. He can provide a Reference Guide for the QUEST application to help you to complete the QUEST Event application. These instructions take you step-by-step through the form to completion.