About Spiritual Formation

QUEST: Equipping students for the Christ-centered journey

QUEST is the name for ACU's spiritual formation program, which provides a variety of approved events designed to challenge and equip students as they seek to own their personal spiritual journey. Within the QUEST program, students are offered multiple opportunities each week to meet their spiritual formation event requirement. Many of these QUEST events are created by faculty, staff, student organizations, local campus ministries, and small groups of students who desire to deepen their spiritual development in community with others who desire the same.

The gathering of the ACU (student) community for daily Chapel is a rich tradition at ACU. Begun in 1906, the current practice of the daily gatherings has many similarities to the original ACU Chapel experience though the size, diversity, and cultural experience of ACU’s student body is significantly different. Over the past decade, students attending ACU are more religiously diverse than ever. Our students are more ethnically diverse than ever before, with cultures from all over the world represented on campus. These differences are often reflected in the way our students seek and experience God and Christian community.

As we acknowledge that our current ACU students are diverse in terms of life experience, expectations, and preferences, we continually seek to design and develop experiences that draw our campus community closer to God through worship, fellowship, and service to the world.

QUEST engages students in spiritual formation events from one or more of these five areas of focus to enhance their Christ-centered journey:

  • Worship of God
  • Spiritual Community
  • Personal Spiritual Practices
  • Ministry & Service
  • Career & Calling

A recent research group of institutions within the Coalition for Christian Colleges and Universities developed this statement about spiritual formation: “Spiritual formation is integral to Christian higher education—it is the biblically-guided process in which people are being transformed into the likeness of Christ by the power of the Holy Spirit within the faith community in order to love and serve God and others.” At ACU, we share this desire to ground our students in Scripture and spiritual practices that lead to transformation into the likeness of Christ to bless others through leadership and service in every corner of the world.